Condensate Management

T & G are well aware of the legal implications when it comes to condensate management. Condensate must be treated before discharging to the foul sewer system. Failure to do this breeches Environmental Regulations and can lead to a £20,000 fine imposed or even imprisonment. Compliance to stringent risk assessments would need to be adhered to. Even once the condensate has been treated, it is not clean enough to discharge to the ground or to storm drains.

The solution T & G compressors offer?

T & G can offer the complete solution. The installation of the Beko, Owamat oil/water separator and the Pneu-Tech pumping system. Beko are one of the leaders in oil/water separation. A full range of systems are available.

The Pneu Tech system is a pumping system, using low air consumption, with no electrical connection. As a foul drain point never seems to be near the location of the compressed air equipment, this eliminates the need to carry the cleaned condensate to a foul drain. The Pneu Tech condensate management system is the neat, quick, easy and safe solution for the discharge of condensate, with the added benefit of compliance with the latest Environmental Regulations.

Clearly budgetary and safety requirements both in the initial, running and maintenance stages are paramount if your business is to run cohesively, efficiently and keep the right side of health and safety. Please feel free to use our contact form, or call us on 01327 871081 to talk to someone with regards to your specific requirements.

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